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Re: [APD] Lighting Comparison


I use the Hagen too, with its delightful ladder where you can watch the CO2
dissolve into the water, which is a great way to fall asleep on those nights
when the brain won't shut down. But I digress.

Much as I love my Hagen with the ladder, it seems to me that it is a recipe
for poor plant growth/abundant algae growth, in that it starts slow, bubbles
like mad for a few weeks, then slows down again, giving you a roller-coaster
ride for CO2 levels. Plants like a constant and fairly high CO2 level; algae
are fine with the roller coaster. Extreme diligence with replacing the CO2
will slightly mitigate this, but even then you get the downtime when you
whip up a new batch. Unless you have two bottles with a T-fitting and
stagger them, I'm not sure how to overcome this problem with DIY CO2. A
local fish place runs a small bottle of CO2 through theirs, which would
solve the problem, but requires some cash outlay.

Maybe more light & CO2?
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