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Re: [APD] display tank branches

I'd bet the tank at the public aquarium had "branches" that were wire
armature covered in foam, then possibly encased in fiberglass. Scenic
artists do a fair amount of work for Science museums and Aquariums. I worked
for a scene shop that did a big displays for a science museum. One was made
from real branches dipped and painted with fiberglass resin, and completely
fake rocks and stumps. It was a river edge exhibit, and was really fun for
me to do. Another exhibit was more Amazonian and had no real elements at
all. The museum people wanted complete control over the water parameters.
Made me sad that there were no real plants! The pet stores now carry a lot
of very convincing fakes, but in my own tanks I tend to use natural found
objects. I've never had problems, but my tanks are very different from the
museums- low stocking levels, low filtration, lots of real plants.

 in Boston

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