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Re: [APD] Lighting Comparison


Good question; didn't include it before to avoid a
mile-long post. My regimen, when I'm being good, is to
water change weekly, usually about 30-40%. When I'm
not good, I up this amount to about 50% twice a month.

yeast CO2 in one of those silly Hagen (free is still
cheaper than a 2L :) I don't buy their overpriced
packets of crap-- along with the recommended sugar and
water, I add about 1/8+ yeast and 1/4t baking soda.
This usually lasts 3 weeks or so. I confess I have not
always replaced it promptly, but today it's going
berserk from when I changed it out Sunday.

At water change time, I add a couple caps of Excel, a
cap of Flourish K, Fe and 1mL N. Have considered
upping the N but I was pretty slack about water
changes in the last month so I am reluctant to stress
my cichlids. I try to also do this again some time
midweek, but more often than not I forget.

They're Africans, so I add the necessary baking soda
and Cichlid Salt to keep the tank about 8 in pH, 9-12
KH, 12-15 GH.

Massive overkill Eheim Pro II filtering it all
beautifully. I probably have more circulation than
many of you would find ideal, but after a Giant
Flaming Screw Up (PSA: always rinse gravel even if you
firmly believe you've done it already) the gills of my
fish are less efficient than they used to be :(. With
the extra surface disruption they are fine, though.

Flourite substrate.

Does this help explain why only the hardies thrive?
PS: My blood type is AB- :P

Vaughn wrote:
> Erin
> I hate to ask such a simple question, but are you
> fertilizing this  
> tank, and are you using any CO2 or perhaps Excel as
> a carbon  
> source?   If you are doing neither that would
> explain a lot.
> Vaughn

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