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Re: [APD] Speaking of Eheims

While we're on the subject, I'll offer these thoughts:

If the impeller isn't turning at all, the prob is probably a broken shaft, rare (they usually only break when they are mishandled during cleaning), or bad (shorted winding) coils, extremely rare. If the imepeller is noisy or turning slower or unevenly, the prob is probably bad bearings (the rubber "caps" at either end of the ceramic shaft), easily replaced, a worn shaft or a worn impeller. Bearings, shaft and impeller will wear out eventually; 14 months is shorter than normal life for these parts. sometimes you can by the bearings orthe bearings with shaft separate from the impeller.

The basic design is pretty much the same for all the canister filters although the shaft material can vary by maker. The ceramic shafts seem to me to last longer than the stainsteel ones. Tolerances can be an issue. eheims tend to stay quiet longer than, for example, Marinleand power heads, which are sometimes noisy right out of the box.

As gunk builds up on the ways of the impeller chamber, can significantly reduce water flow and it's always a good idea to clean them when changing out or rinsing the media.

The Filstars are nice filters -- higher water flow than the eheims, which is neither good nor bad, and generally much cheaper. More in line with the Filstar and similar less costly cansiters are the Eheim Ecco filters, which I've come to prefer over the more expensive eheim models, at least for tanks about 50 gallons or less.


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I have a 3 year old 2126 with a leaking seal, or a seal that was leaking
until I put petroleum jelly on it (thanks). New seal on its way.

But I'm a bit POed about the 14 month old 2126 with a dead impeller.The DH
is trying to fix it now -- if its fixable he'll get it running again. I
think the next cannister is going to be a Filstar with an inline heater.

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