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Re: [APD] Eheim Leaks

Harry Martin wrote:
> I never want to come home to an empty tank and flooded floor.

On way to insure against that is to drill a small hole in the intake, 
just below the maximum low water level in your aquarium.  Consider how 
much your water level would drop due to a week or so of evaporation 
(like if you went on vacation) and drill a smallish hole just below that 
level.  If you filter does spring some leak, the hole will break suction 
enough to stop the filter from pumping.   Unless  you have a huge tank, 
your not likely to get more than a few gallons on the floor, if a leak 
happens.  Another option would be a float valve shutoff.  I'm sure there 
are other options.  The hole idea though is almost the safest because if 
the power went out and you had a leak (or the leak tripped the breaker) 
your leak could still drain the whole tank over time.

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