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[APD] Plant safe algae eaters

  I love my otos.  I have one that is close to one year old.  And the second is about one month old.  When I first bought otos I had a hard time keeping them alive.  I went through about 6 before one made it.  I stopped giving them names because they just died so quick. I remember I had read if they can live for the first week ususally they will be around for a long time. The sole survivor has been know as the little guy until just a month ago, when he is now  called Almond.  The newest oto is Joy.  Get it?  Almond Joy...  I only have a ten gallon tank with plans for a 30 gallon by summer.  Almond and Joy do a great job on the algae in this aquarium now.  It actually seems that my first oto is more active and eating more since the second one came was introduced into the aquarium, but that just might be the 'girl' in me talking.  Well thanx for reading this and I have enjoyed reviewing everyone posts.
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