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Re: [APD] Plant safe algae eaters

>I've read in a few reasonably reliable places that otos are caught with 
>cyanide.   They live in plant-clogged areas and can't be netted.  Too 
>much cyanide, and they don't recover and just waste away.  The best 
>thing to do is find some that have been in LFS for a while, or look for 
>the occasional shipment of higher-priced, tank-raised fish.  The next 
>trick is not keeping too many of them, and only adding them if there is 
>visible algae in the tank.  They often refuse to eat anything but soft 
>algae, so they'll slowly starve in a tank that's too clean.  Once I get 
>them past the first month or two, otos usually live 3-5 years for me, 
>longer than Amanos.

That would make sense as they seem to last a while, then show up as
little white corpses in about the amount of time I've read marine
fish collected with cyanide die in.



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