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[APD] Discus project

Hi all, I am basically a lurker here but I wondered if any of you had attempted a tank like the one I am doing for a customer right now and if so if you have any advice. The tank is going to be either a 90 or 110 gallon tank w/ a megaflow style overflow. There will be a sump w/ built in filter, Co2 w/ Ph controller, U.V. sterilizer and 2 heaters using a restraunt grade thermostat/controller. Lighting would be a twin metal halides (probably either 75 or 125 watt) in a fixture w/ either power compacts or T-5 for overall lighting- probably w/ actinic bulbs. Substrate will be sand- suggestions really needed as I have only previously used sands w/ high buffering capacity and I want this sand to be innert This tank will be for discus w/ 2 other dither type tetras a couple of pairs of different apistos and various cleaning fish (w/ selection being limited to varieties that do not feed on discus slime- suggestions/experiences would be helpful). The regimine would be estimative
 dosing index via a Kent drip doser such as used w/ reef tanks. Thank you in advance for any and all helpful advice regarding this project.

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