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Re: [APD] filter recommendations

A better setup would be a 8' diamter 500 gallon or larger stock tank, they 
can be had for less than $200. Pop-up pools can also work, and are even cheaper. 
Koi that are used to a pond, usually do poorly when placed in a clear tank. 
The koi we do keep in tanks (Less than 6" babies) are in tanks with the sides 
painted blue. Filtration we run on our 500 gallon QT systems is a small bead 
filter, and UV, and those systems get weekly 50% water changes. 
They should be prepared for large, frequent waterchanges, even with good 
filtration on that size tank, especially while it cycles. We usually recomend 250 
gallons per Koi for a stocking level. What kind of filtration do they have on 
their pond?  Moving some of that over the the holding tank will help as well 
as it will have some bacteria going.
You might also have them contact a local Pond or Koi Club, their members may 
be able to help with loaning of gear, or holding the fish until their new pond 
is ready. You can find a list of AKCA clubs here 
_http://www.akca.org/clubs/clubmap.htm_ (http://www.akca.org/clubs/clubmap.htm)  and a list of US Zen 
Nippon Airinkai regional clubs here _
http://www.znaamerica.com/RegionalCHapters.html_ (http://www.znaamerica.com/RegionalCHapters.html)  
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