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Re: [APD] filter recommendations

At 02:17 PM 3/8/07 -0500, you wrote:
>I have a question for those who have bigger tanks.  What is the best filter
setup for a 300
>gal tank that will have a number of koi in it? 

Industrial sewage treatment.

For something like this I'd do what some Dutch wholesalers do, that is seal
off a 4-6" chamber at one end of the tank by cutting a piece of glass the same
side as the end bit but 1/2" less tall. Make a filter there from progressivly
larger stones  going downward - aquarium gravel on top, driveway gravel at the
bottom. You could drive the thing with a powerhead or with air. Bonus, you get
a skimmer too which I've come to think is as important in planted tanks as the
bloody filter is itself.


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