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Re: [APD] Chemist's- solubility?


If you are looking for solubility data, I typed in Calcium compound 
solubility's in July 2006. Look under Calcium Nitrate and Calcium Compounds 
threads in the archives.

The CRC Handbook has a small table of Ksp values. CaCO3 is 4.96 x 10-9 @ 

I have a textbook for Analytical Chemistry and it lists the Ksp of CaCO3 as 
4.8 x 10-9. I can't explain the difference unless it is the temperature, the 
table doesn't specify. But see the next paragraph for different forms of 
Calcium Carbonate. This may explain the differences.

Lange's Handbook of Chemistry lists the Ksp for various Calcium carbonate 
compounds at between 18-25 C. It doesn't specify the exact temperature for 
each value. It lists the Ksp for CaCO3 as 2.8 x 10-9. CaCO3 as calcite is 
4.5 x 10-9. CaCO3 as aragonite is 6.0 x 10-9. In the same handbook it lists 
the solubility of Calcite as 0.0013 gm/100 gm H2O @ 20C.

Jerry Smith

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>I will try to do that.  Thanks.  I was hoping for an online reference
>but it does not seem to exist.  Two chemistry books had very small,
>somewhat incomplete references in the back.  Also, I find a lot of
>conflicting values for the common CaCO3 through online sources.  I can't
>even find a reference through the NIST website:(
>Thanks to all who responded.

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