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[APD] Aquatic Moss

After spending hours and hours pouring over pictures of planted Discus tanks I want to go with moss in my tank. I want to have the complete back of the tank a moss wall. What moss would do best for that. Has anyone had much experience with Willow Moss, will not use the Willow Moss for the back wall. I do understand that allot of the moss plants like to be in water at 25C and for Discus they like the 30C kind. So what Moss plants do well in 30C. My tank will be 96 x 36 x 30 inches. It will have all the lighting this tank needs and all the proper filtration and water current and of course will have 02 also. It will also have the right bed in the bottom for the moss to flourish, and I do know that moss is a slow growing plant. I put my e-mail Addy down there if any one wants to e-mail some pics on what they have done with moss in there tanks. My e-mail Addy is mile,( then there is an underscore) hi2000 at yahoo_com
mile_hi200 at yahoo_com

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