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[APD] Algae Eaters developing a taste for plants?

Hi folks,

Has anyone ever had any experience with Bristlenose Catfish (BN)
developing a taste for plants, specifically Amazon swords?  And is there
any way to prevent them munching on swords?  I really like the look of
bristlenose cats but the last time I kept one my Amazon swords started
to have a skeletal look to their leaves, you could almost see through
them in some spots.  I was dropping in algae tablets for the BN but the
amano shrimp and Zebra shrimp in the tank seemed more interested in the
tablets.  I'm currently planning a new 55g planted tank and I'd like to
have BN again but I don't want another sword massacre, if in doubt I'm
tempted to get a couple ottos instead...


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