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Re: [APD] Glass Aquariums Aging


        My 48x18x18 with 1/2" glass is now 13 years old, used to receive
direct sunlight for many years. No signs of any problems. 

Bangalore, India.

>My glass aquarium will have 11 years by the July. It´s made of 10 
>millimeters glass (.39 inch), glued with silicone rubber. Roughly 100G, with 
>44x24x24 inches.
>After all of these years of service, with not a single problem, I start 
>looking information regarding sealant aging, but it?s not that easy.
>What should be the life expectancy of the silicon rubber in aquarium 
>conditions? I was wondering if there would be sign of deterioration of it, 
>prior losing strength or adhesive capacity.
>Any comment?
>Best regards,
>Buenos Aires

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