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Re: [APD] 10,000K CF

It is extremely unlikely that light is your  problem.  You have an  
abundance of light now,  whatever the color temperature is.  My guess  
is that you are not  providing enough nutrients to make the light the  
limiting factor in plant growth, as, in my opinion, you should.  How  
are you fertilizing and providing CO2 to that tank?

On Jan 18, 2007, at 10:36 PM, fixingahole at ftml_net wrote:

> I replaced a 125 gallon about six months ago with a 90 gallon. The  
> only
> changes I made, besides the tank, were the substrate and the  
> lighting. I
> replaced Flourite with Onyx sand and my old homemade CF setup with a
> spiffy Outer Orbit HQI/CF fixture. The thing puts out 560 watts total,
> with 2 150-watt metal halides and 2 130-watt CFs. The CFs, which  
> run 10
> hours a day (the halides run about six), are Sunpaq 130w dual daylight
> 6,700k/10,000k.
> This tank isn't getting nearly the growth as the old setup, which ran
> six 55w (330w total, 6,700k) over 125 gallons. I suspect either the
> substrate or the lighting, with the lighting being the stronger  
> suspect.
> I bought this setup with the idea that color temperature was only of
> aesthetic importance, and that wattage was the determining factor in
> growth. Now I'm not sure. The other tank did much better with 6,700k.
> There's one other difference: this tank is full of swords and
> vallisneria. The other had only some lilaeopsis, swordwise, with a  
> huge
> ludwigia and a couple of other things. Do different plants prefer
> different color temps.?
> -- 

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