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[APD] Plumbing Suggestions??

Hi All,
After fighting so many types of algae, I attached my UV filter to my tank
this fall, when I took it in from my pond. Since then the tank has been
wonderfully algae free.
I'm currently using a small submersible pump. (looks terrible - but works)
I've decided to keep it on the tank permanently and want to plumb it in the
line with my Fluval 403.
The fluval tubings may not attach watertight if I cut and clamp to the
filter (you know..corrigated tubing). Also, if you've seen the fluvals, the
ends of the tubing attach to the pump with a special rubber fitting.
I'm looking for some suggestions from this knowledgable group. I'm sure
someone has either plumbed inline a UV or CO2 chamber etc, to their fluval.
Any suggestions as to alternative tubing types? Is there a way to connect
the fluval up to PVC type tubing??  I think you get the picture.
Any info would be appreciated.

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