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[APD] ADA Aqua Soil

Yeah, its in vogue and yes, I decided to try some in a 2.5G tank.  I bought
it for several reasons -- I like the look of it, I am planning on growing a
tonina species and a fairly large number of people report success with
toninas and eriocaulons in AS after failure with other substrates, and
otherwise staid and sober people get all doe-eyed when talking about how
well plants grow in Aqua Soil.

The tank is 2 weeks old. RIght now the tank has HC, Blyxa japonica,
Ludwigia  inclinata 'Cuba' and an unidentified Hydrocotyle sp growing in
it.  These plants were growing in a tank with Eco-complete (something I
wouldn't spend money on again) before transplanting.  If AS makes a
difference in growth rate I'm not seeing it yet.  They are growing fine, but
I started up another tank with a dusting of soil on the bottom covered with
coarse sand and the growth rate in that tank is the same as that in the AS

Two weeks is a short period of time so I'm not saying I have found anything
"definitive". I'll keep watching and comparing.  I still like the AS, it was
easy to plant in (though not as easy as coarse sand but way better than Eco)
and I suppose the acid test will be finding out what happens when I yank the
ludwigia and replace it with tonina 'Belem'. I have nothing negative to say
about it, but I am thinking that once again we have a lot of hype in the
World of Substrates.  I think the hype might have something to do with the
force that drives people to put their names side by side with Amano when
explaining how much they know.  <grin>

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