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Re: [APD] Chelated iron

Who knows, maybe other tanks have good iron source in a partly clay based gravel that would help compensate with any water concentration change.  Or maybe I just run closer to the dosing edge than others.  I just reported what I see and can repeat any time I want.  As I said, it's not proof and I don't know the mechanics,  It could actually be any element of my trace mix breaking down, I'm thinking chelated iron just because the paleness it fits the deficiency description.


>I've never seen this on thanks with UVs. I think some folks overestimate the value of EDTA. UV doesn't >destroy iron; at worst, it speeds the breakdown of the rather shortlived chelator. The iron is still usable by >plants as a rule. There are some longer-lived chelators like the one in Tropica's product but still, it's not >immutable. Perhaps if all your iron was being bound with phosphate, that's a tough moelcule to crack, but >plants tend to get their whether chelated or not.
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