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Re: [APD] Walstad

I believe Terry Barber wrote this email section below:
Stuart has been known to be a bit of a curmudgeon. Don't let him bug ya.

Hehe, I had to look that word up.

As PFK says - Grumpy old Fishkeeper.
They even sell T-Shirts!
I'll think about getting one shall I?

Terry B ;-)

Hi Stuart and all,
I am not sure by the tone of your email whether you were offended by my
reply.   That was certainly not my intent.  I will try to explain why I
wrote what I did.

No I was not. Not a bit.

It's just my Scots way of expressing myself I guess. :-)

I do love a good conversation.

I'll adjust the tube life length on the Wiki.

Stuart Halliday
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