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Re: [APD] Plants and cycling

I've had planted aquariums for 40 years.  I've never bothered to cycle  
heavily planted new tanks, but I do let the plants settle in for a few days  before 
adding livestock. The other thing I do is to siphon off water from  
established tanks to make up about half of the new tank volume, when possible,  which 
helps even more.  Also, I agree wholeheartedly that SAEs are a bad  choice for 
a 20 gallon, I have never kept them since my larger one slurped the  bejeezus 
out of one of my fancy goldfish. They went to my LFS the next  day in trade 
for store credit.  I love my otocinclus.  They are  tireless workers.  Just be 
sure to feed them once they get rid of the  algae.  Mine love Hikari sinking 
wafers.  Good luck with your  tank.
Carol   < ' )))><
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