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Re: [APD] dead otos...

I believe Nick Andrews wrote this email section below:
> What seems to kill otos fast?  I set up a 20gal tank ~5weeks ago.  I put
> one in and it did okay for a while, then died.  I put four more in last
> Wed and all died.  NO3 is 20ppm, NO2 is .5ppm, pH around 7.2.  GDA is
> starting to cover the walls.  Moderately planted.   1 Bumblebee cat, five
> neons, 6 2" rainbows, ghost shrimp and a blue Gourami.  Any ideas?

Your nitrite is a bit off.

Otos take a couple of months to 'settle in'. I bought 9 and I got 4 left 
after 2 months. A year later, they're still here.

It's been said that they're often caught in the wild by the use of Cyanide 
in the water.

This kills a fair bit of them it seems and weakens the ones that do survive.

Then they're not fed well by the trade.
LFS often have nice clean tanks. Which is not what Otos need to eat. So 
often they're really starving by the time you get them. Otos need to feed 

I now will never buy Otos from a LFS without asking what the LFS feeds them.
If its 'flake' then I don't buy.

Stuart Halliday
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