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Re: [APD] algae , critters etc

John, I may as well stop over and bring you up to speed quickly.
I have plenty of ferts. I'll give you some free.
Tell you where to get them and you can go from there.
Auto matic CO2, most folks make too many assumptions as if this
is no longer ever going to be an issues because it's supposedly

Any automated system makes some assumptions, some good, some
bad. It is not going to save you anymore than any other system
from algae nor added work loads.

Many seem to assume it will.
I can take a look at the tank and rapidly tell you what you need
to do to get things going.

Be easier for you in the short and long run.
I have all sorts of junk so if you need to add something etc, I
likely have it.

Shoot me an email

Tom Barr


--- aquatic-plants-request at actwin_com wrote:
> Date: Tue, 09 Jan 2007 18:45:31 +0000
> From: johnfhess at comcast_net (John Hess
> (johnfhess at comcast_net))
> Subject: [APD] algae and critters, me too
> To: aquatic-plants at actwin_com
> well, I guess in my old age, I'm learning to be patient.  I
> set up a 55g tank 2 days before xmas.  It had water in it for
> a week, just to see if everything worked, then I inserted
> plants from an internet order. After a few days, I bought some
> shrimp from the local store (clear but not specifically algae
> eaters) and 12 black neons from Capital Aquarium in
> Sacramento.  With the plants I bought, I got some snails.  In
> the past 2-3 weeks, algae has built up on the glass, some on
> the driftwood and other places.  I don't think it's real bad,
> but it's there and easily noticeable. Most of it is string
> alage, but there are a few perfectly round green dots
> appearing on the glass. I'm trying to not over-react and just
> get the hang of things.  Some of the shrimp died and
> contributed their bodies to the overall tank nutrient supply.
> To address the algae, I bought 6 Otos and threw them in.  On
> Sunday I did a 20% water change (first one) and added plant
> food.  I'll probably try plant food !
>  2x a we
> ek, just to see what's going on. (have a three bottle set of
> liquid plant food purchased from O St Aquarium in Sac).
> Before water change, KH 12, ph 7.2 (ph meter controlled CO2),
> no ammonia detectable, no nitites either.  Davis uses well
> water, so I use 50:50 Davis water and purchased drinking
> water. Light is 2x 54W T5 Tek lights, on 11 hours/day.  CO2
> automatic.  Fish feed 2 or 3x per day, dry flakes.  I see some
> bubbles from plants, some plants are growing and some seem to
> be losing leaves (turning yellow and then brown). One plant is
> flowering!  It's a weird brown tuber thing with short leaves
> has flowered 2x and sent up new longer leaves, I guess it's
> happy. Since I got a plant assortment, I don't know what many
> are, but I'm happy watching things and seeing what's
> happening. 
> I have been reading forums and am not sure what I should be
> doing.  If I really quickly get rid of the alage, the otos
> won't be happy, right?  I'm willing to let the snails be
> snails, but I think they'll eventually reproduce enough to be
> a problem? If I have a mix of low light and hi light plants, I
> figure they all can't be happy at the same time, so I'm
> letting things go and see what grows and how I can aquascape
> with what I have.  When the Otos travel along plant leaves,
> are they cleaning algae off the leaves or are they damaging
> the leaves?  If anyone thinks I'm setting myself up for a
> massive failure, please let me know.
> --
> cheers,
> John F Hess
> johnfhess at comcast_net

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