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[APD] How much diffused lighting (PC's) compared to point source lighting (MH) has to do with GDA

For the last month I have been battling GDA.  I've used the method of letting it sit for a month and then cleaning using a diatom and UV filter. So far, no luck.

I've been in the hobby long enough to know that GDA is not just something you have to live with in a tank, it has to do with something I'm doing wrong.  I've had tanks were I just left them alone and didn't have signs of GDA for a month.  I know my dosing is close because there is no sign of any other algae.  So there are a couple of options to go with,

I can dose less and assume that what I'm adding to the tank is causing the algae.

I can dose more and assume that ammonia is causing the algae.  This is because one of the things that I am dosing is the limiting factor.  By dosing more, then plants are using up more ammonia and less is available to the algae.  I mean, isn't this how reef systems operate, less algae because the Corals take up all the nutrients in the water?

Third, I can play around with the ratios of the Macros and Micros I'm dosing.

The other thing I haven't looked into is how much diffused lighting (PC's) compared to point source lighting (MH) has to do with GDA.  All my GDA appears on the glass, is this because the reflected light of diffused lighting falls the most on the tank sides?

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