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Re: [APD] Where to buy rocks and sand in Mass. (Terry Barber)

 I thought sand from the beach is no good for Freshwater aquariums. Too much
salinity. And Plymouth is like 1.5 hours away from me. So I went with the
traction sand for $4. Hope it isn't harmful for my tank.


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> Date: Thu, 7 Dec 2006 13:28:43 -0500
> From: "Terry Barber" <terbarb at alltel_net>
> Subject: Re: [APD] Where to buy rocks and sand in Mass.
> To: "aquatic plants digest" <aquatic-plants at actwin_com>
> I notice that you live in Mass............why not a trip to the beach for
> some sand?  And rocks..............I have some lovely smooth granite rocks
> from the beach in Plymouth in my Planted  and African tanks.   And you
> can't
> beat the price either.
> TerryB
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