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Re: [APD] pH probe KH ref solution socks

> From: "S. Hieber" <shieber at yahoo_com>
> Subject: Re: [APD] pH probe KH ref solution socks
> To: aquatic plants digest <aquatic-plants at actwin_com>
> The real fix is to have one less thing to clean, not one more.
> So I haven't given up on that route yet ;-) 
> You quitter ;-)
> Jokingly yours,
> sh

Then are _you_ going to solve this issue for us since it is
"your" issue? :-)

Develop a non clogging membrane.
They are not hard to change, should not take more than a minute
to remove the old one, snap the new one on, use a pipette to add
the KH ref solution and return to the tank.
If you take spot readings rather than contnious readings, using
a sterilization solution for storing the probe(which is to be
done anyway if you spot check and remove the pH probe later) is
not a hassle.

I have little issue taking the pH probe out and sitting the tip
with membrane in a mild oxidizing solution to clean it.

Some folks do not like cleaning their tanks or brushing their
teeth, there are trade offs for such slackery.

Given the relative importance of CO2 when used for aquatic
horticulture and the issues with it's determination, this is a
simple cheap method to resolve such problems, requires little
skill, $, time, and does not create new issues.

Rather, the science and methods in the hobby is evolving and
becoming better, more accurate and addresses some of the poor
assumptions we feeble minded humans impose on the world around

This is also true for the artistic side of the hobby, science is
a creative art as much as scaping/painting etc.

If someone has issues with CO2 ppm determination, this is a
simple way to address it that's more accurate and responsive
than a drop checker.
But is it required to have a nice tank?
No, no test kit is "required".

Tom Barr

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