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[APD] canister filter media advice?

Hi there,


Newbie here with (probably) stupid question: I’m setting up my first serious
plant tank and trying to decide what kind of filter media to use in my
Fluval 204 – I’ve settled on the pre-filter stuff and the bio-max, but I’ve
got one more media compartment to fill. Walstad says not to use charcoal,
nor any very fine media, with a soil substrate (which I will be using under
natural gravel.) So what does that leave? Poly Wool? Something else? Or can
I just leave that third chamber empty?


Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I’ve been keeping fish forever, but
I’m new to aquatic gardening, so I’m not a total newbie; however my research
on this subject has turned up many conflicting opinions on these issues.





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