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Re: [APD] pH probe KH ref solution socks

This is an idea that seems to be a slam dunk for being effective.   
But, until we test a few of these to verify that they really do have  
a short response time we can't be sure.  I was convinced I could  
reduce the air gap length and increase its cross section area where  
it contacts the water, and gain a considerable advantage in response  
time.  But, when I tried it it didn't do much better.  It would be  
very disappointing if the membrane method were equally resistant to  
working faster.  Also, is it a given that the ppm of CO2 will  
stabilize on both sides of the membrane, and do so quickly?

Vaughn H.

On Nov 30, 2006, at 12:24 PM, Thomas Barr wrote:

> Then are _you_ going to solve this issue for us since it is
> "your" issue? :-)
> Develop a non clogging membrane.
> They are not hard to change, should not take more than a minute
> to remove the old one, snap the new one on, use a pipette to add
> the KH ref solution and return to the tank.
> If you take spot readings rather than contnious readings, using
> a sterilization solution for storing the probe(which is to be
> done anyway if you spot check and remove the pH probe later) is
> not a hassle.
> I have little issue taking the pH probe out and sitting the tip
> with membrane in a mild oxidizing solution to clean it.
> Some folks do not like cleaning their tanks or brushing their
> teeth, there are trade offs for such slackery.
> Given the relative importance of CO2 when used for aquatic
> horticulture and the issues with it's determination, this is a
> simple cheap method to resolve such problems, requires little
> skill, $, time, and does not create new issues.
> Rather, the science and methods in the hobby is evolving and
> becoming better, more accurate and addresses some of the poor
> assumptions we feeble minded humans impose on the world around
> us.
> This is also true for the artistic side of the hobby, science is
> a creative art as much as scaping/painting etc.
> If someone has issues with CO2 ppm determination, this is a
> simple way to address it that's more accurate and responsive
> than a drop checker.
> But is it required to have a nice tank?
> No, no test kit is "required".
> Regards,
> Tom Barr
> www.BarrReport.com
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