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[APD] filters and substrate

Okay, now to stir the hornets' nest.  I am going to place a 20H tank on my kitchen counter to suffice until I can get a 240 set up.  Yeah, that's what will fit, and I already have it.  I am looking for opinions on external filtration and substrate options.  No UG filter going in, maybe a hang-on style with bio-wheel. Something cheaper that can sit next to the tank or on the end.  

What do you all think of cat litter with peat as a 2" deep base and sand over it with some natural gravel?  We have hard water here in southern NM.  I am looking at leaving the top open and growing a small tropical water lily or two in the tank and letting it bloom, hanging a fixture over the tank from above for light.  Thanks.

Nick A

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