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Re: [APD] Do we even need KH?

On 11/23/06, David A. Youngker <jaafaman at comcast_net> wrote:
> > Date: Thu, 23 Nov 2006 19:37:22 -0800 (PST)
> > From: Thomas Barr
> > Subject: [APD] Do we even need KH?
> >
> > This topic has been brought up in the past, but do we
> > even require any KH?...
> Shortest response: NO

That's pretty much what I've concluded now after reading more info than I
ever wanted to read.

> ...Or is pH crash/pH variation of any consequence as

> > many fear mongering folks seem to assume?...
> The operative phrase in this question is "fear mongering" - or in the case
> of the uninformed, substitute "fearful".

And here is where we get into the issue:  there are still dozens (hundreds,
thousands???) of myths running around in the aquarium world.  After the
absolute freakin' disaster I had when setting up the first planted tank
based on "current knowledge" -- a disaster that was fixed within a week of
asking 2 questions here and getting responses from Scott and Tom -- I've
learned to ask when something seems "not quite right."

Which brings me to my next question...

I have some plants that are considered "difficult" to grow.  In general,
I've learned that "difficult" usually means the plants prefer cooler water
or higher light levels or that the plant should not be submersed
continuously.  However, there are some plants  that are considered difficult
or very difficult and people expressly point to water hardness as the
issue.  One such plant is Tonina "Belem".  Is anyone successfully growing
Tonina Belem or other plants supposedly sensitive to hard water in hard

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