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Re: [APD] Problems with dupla substrate heater

>From what I've seen so far, you're far from hopeless with electricity. Are
>you sure that your multimeter is set to read resistance? You are correct,
>with the probes not touching anything the reading should be infinity (or
>close enough :)) and with the probes touching it should read a solid zero
>(should be stable). In any case, if you get the same reading in air as
>connected to the two leads of your cable, it appears that you have a break
>somewhere in the cable.


I think my multimeter gives a solid "1." as infinify. I'm going to see
if I can get a resistance reading while trying to find the breakpoint
in the cable. Don't worry, I'm not planning to reuse it again ;-).

Now that it happened once, I'm a bit reluctant to replace the cable. I
don't want to tear down my tank again just because the silicone cable
is too fragile for normal use. Maybe I can try to place some sort of a
grid on top of the cable, too make sure I'm not piercing the cable
with a sharp stone or while vacuuming the substrate etc. Is there
anything against using an aluminum grid in the tank? Can it give
poisonous metals into the water or something?

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