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Re: [APD] Nano Tank Dosing

That doesn't sound bizarre at all.  Today when I started to fill my  
nano I briefly thought about just dipping a couple of gallons of  
water from my 45 gallon tank, all fertilized and ready to go.  But,  
that tank has pressurized CO2 and the nano won't have that.  So, I  
dropped the idea.  Coming up with 2 gallons of water isn't exactly a  
big job, even if you have to distill it yourself.

I mixed up 45 ml of stock solution, containing KNO3, KH2PO4 and  
Excel, so that a 5 ml dose is just about what the EI method asks  
for.  I used an out of date plastic bottle of saline nasal spray,  
which the ingredients suggested could have been pretty good  
fertilizer itself!

Thanks for validating my plan for me.

Vaughn H.

On Nov 21, 2006, at 4:07 PM, Liz Wilhite wrote:

> Hey Vaughn,
> I know this might sound bizarre but my nano -- 1G -- gets dosed  
> once a week
> with the water change.  I change the water in my large tanks, dose,  
> take out
> about 1/2G of water and put that in the nano then add a 1/2G of  
> water back
> to the large tank.  I dose Excel with a syringe on a daily basis.   
> About 5
> months into the nano tank things are going great.
> If I were going to dose it any other way (say the nano was not  
> close to the
> large tanks) I'd do use the stock solutions you are thinking of doing.
> Liz

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