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[APD] Nano Tank Dosing

I'm just setting up a 2 gallon nano tank right now, and I'm worrying  
about how to dose fertilizers in such a small tank.  I will have a 17  
watt screw-in fluorescent bulb, 5500K, for light, and it can be  
adjusted to from an inch above the water up to a foot or so above the  
water.  So, I think at around 6 inches up, it will be moderately high  
light.  I plan to use Excel for carbon and dose KNO3, KH2PO4 and CSM+B 
+extra iron per the EI method.  Has anyone tried successfully to  
combine all but the traces into one pre-mix with distilled water, so  
you can dose like 10 ml at a time instead of just grains of dry ferts  
and drops of Excel?  Nano tanks are a totally new experience for me.

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