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[APD] Light timers

Having the aquarium lights on timers means you have to do the Daylight
Savings thing.  Luckily, they are plugged into a power strip with an on/off
switch so all we have to do is turn the power off for an hour in the fall. 

You know, getting up at 2 AM on Sunday to change the time on the clocks and
timers just isn't as much fun as it used to be.  Especially now that you
also have to change the batteries on your smoke alarms and test them.  Some
of those high ones require getting the ladder from the garage in the dark
and that really hacks off the resident raccoons.  And the racket the alarms
make when you push the test button just isn't something that should happen
in the middle of the night - just ask our cats.

We tried to speed things up this year by sharing the chore of clock setting.
I did some and my wife did some. Of course, being half awake, it was
difficult to keep track of which clocks the other already changed and we
ended up with clocks at three different times and we couldn't tell what time
it was anymore. 

I think it's high time to change how we deal with this time change thing.
Let's move if from 2 AM Sunday morning to 2 PM Sunday.  Of course, there are
TV shows and what not to synchronize so I suggest we make a National Holiday
out of it.  We can have parades with marching bands and floats with a time
theme. Dick Clark can help count down the seconds to New Time with the
Dropping Ball and all.  It seems a waste to have that fancy Dropping Ball
and only use it once per year. 

Hallmark probably needs a new set of greeting cards; I can't imagine they
have all 52 weeks of the year covered already.  And the phone company surely
needs help in the phone calls department. They must be going broke with mass
calls only being made on Mother's Day and Thanksgiving. 

And won't the physics professors have a grand time explaining what happened
to the time between 2:00 PM and 3:00 PM in the spring Spring-Forward.  Will
Superstring Theory also explain this? 

I do see trouble brewing in the fall Fall-Back though. Who hasn't wished
they could go back an hour in time and take back what they just said or not
do what they just did? So the time between 2 PM and 3 PM is kind of
Experimental Time. Try something. If you screw it up, wait until Fall Back
and do it the right way this time.  I'm sure criminals will think of some
way to take advantage of this, though. Luckily, banks and stock markets are
closed on Sunday. 

George in Ft.Collins, CO

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