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Re: [APD] Light timers

Sounds like an engineering problem more than a polical one. Another way to deal with it is to get clocks that automatically adjust or clocks with a Daylight Savings button.
As for string theory, at least in its "conventional" forms, since it is in principle not falsifiable, it may never meet the minimum criteria for scientific theory. There is a cantorian infinity of theories that do not admit of falsifiability. Pick any one you want, or make up a few of your own, anyone is as good as the next since they have equal weight when held up to the tribunal of evidence.


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Having the aquarium lights on timers means you have to do the Daylight
Savings thing.  Luckily, they are plugged into a power strip with an on/off
switch so all we have to do is turn the power off for an hour in the fall. 

You know, getting up at 2 AM on Sunday to change the time on the clocks and
timers just isn't as much fun as it used to be. . .

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