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[APD] Kudos to AH Supply Lighting

This is in praise of superlative customer service.

I ordered three backup PC bulbs from AH Supply (http://ahsupply.com/ 
index.html) where I purchase all my lighting kits.  They accidentally  
sent me a blue "combo" for one of the bulbs instead of the 6700K I  
ordered.  I don't discover the problem until 16 months later, when I  
go to replace a bulb that died.  (Note to self:  PC bulbs die  
suddenly and without warning!  Always have a spare on hand.)  I email  
AH Supply and tell them the whole sad story with little to no  
expectations since it was 16 months ago, and I should have checked  
the shipment before I tucked it in the garage.  Two hours later, I  
get a phone call from AH Supply checking to see if my shipping  
address is still current so they can send me the right bulb.  They  
don't even want the combo bulb back, since I'd plugged it in before I  
noticed the problem.

Now that's what I call "customer service"!

Thought you should know.

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