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Re: [APD] nerd question about "plant" verbage-- to


It appears even the up-to-date if dubious
dictionary.com is also behind the times-- it also only
references the noun form. 


I guess maybe it raises the question about who
legitimates language-- grammarians or the rest of us.
Anyone who's ever worked as a copyeditor has probably
encountered nitpicky matters like this that go on for
hours (seriously), and I just wondered about how
publications such as TFH, botany journals, etc., how
the editors handle the situation.

And thanks for not splitting the infinitive. :P
(Monday, when I collect 42 student essays I'll have
plenty of that...)


> Or perhaps your dictionary has fallen behind the
> vernacular.
> Other famous nouns that had some currency as verbs:
> interface
> stonewall
> bugger
> and so many more.
> I think "to take up" would be an infinitive, but i
> wouldn't want to split that too finely.
> sh
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