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Re: [APD] Kudos to AH Supply Lighting

Your experience is not unique, I have had similar extremely positive 
customer service from them as well.  Too bad all companies don't have 
the same service.


>Message: 1
>Date: Sat, 28 Oct 2006 09:25:17 -0700
>From: "William M. Cwirla" <wcwirla at verizon_net>
>Subject: [APD] Kudos to AH Supply Lighting
>To: aquatic-plants at actwin_com
>This is in praise of superlative customer service.
>I ordered three backup PC bulbs from AH Supply (http://ahsupply.com/ 
>index.html) where I purchase all my lighting kits.  They accidentally  
>sent me a blue "combo" for one of the bulbs instead of the 6700K I  
>ordered.  I don't discover the problem until 16 months later, when I  
>go to replace a bulb that died.  (Note to self:  PC bulbs die  
>suddenly and without warning!  Always have a spare on hand.)  I email  
>AH Supply and tell them the whole sad story with little to no  
>expectations since it was 16 months ago, and I should have checked  
>the shipment before I tucked it in the garage.  Two hours later, I  
>get a phone call from AH Supply checking to see if my shipping  
>address is still current so they can send me the right bulb.  They  
>don't even want the combo bulb back, since I'd plugged it in before I  
>noticed the problem.
>Now that's what I call "customer service"!
>Thought you should know.

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