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Re: [APD] How to get rid of Alage on glass walls

 Almost every high light tank I've ever set up has gone through "green
glass" in it's initial stages and it always disappears about 4 - 6 weeks
later. I used to scrape it off every week or so, more recently I've left it
alone as suggested here - same result in either case, it disappears (and/or
turns brown) in 4 - 6 weeks.

On 10/14/06, Vaughn Hopkins <hoppycalif at yahoo_com> wrote:
> I don't know why it works either, but it does work.  As I said, I
> have used the method and it worked, as long as I didn't rub or scrape
> the algae off into the water.  The first time I tried it on my 29
> gallon tank, I had lots of common pond snails in the tank.  They ate
> the stuff as fast as they could, growing bigger than I have ever seen
> them.  But, that didn't stop the life cycle from completing.  This
> last time I have three yoyo loaches, so no snails to snack on it. It
> remains to be seen if it comes back this time.
> I also found that the stuff began to cover all of the plants in the
> tank, as well as the glass.  Everything was covered in green fuzz.
> When the life cycle was finished the stuff vanished on the plants,
> probably by the snails and the guppies eating it.  It is certainly a
> weird algae.
> Vaughn H.
> On Oct 14, 2006, at 3:10 PM, Dennis Dietz wrote:
> > I've never fully understood why this works.  So this species only
> > produces spores for a short period and then not again until the next
> > bloom?  What is its trigger?  Does disturbing the algae before the 2-3
> > weeks are up cause it to produce more spores...it must otherwise it
> > would go away in a few weeks regardless.  If, for example, some tank
> > condition re-emerges that will cause a bloom, after the initial bloom
> > (say one week after), do you then have to wait 3-4 weeks?  In other
> > words, is it only mechanical disturbances that re-trigger the bloom or
> > can chemical causes, say low CO2 or an NH4 spike, restart the life
> > cycle.  One thing I have never quite understood is why would this
> > species only produce spores for that initial short period?  Also, if
> > eradication is so dependent on not disturbing anything, would not
> > plants
> > rubbing against the glass or fish like otos cause another bloom?
> >
> > Dennis
> >
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