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Re: [APD] Random Musings on Ammonia Supplementation

Jerry Baker wrote:
> Has anyone tried using pure ammonia as a nitrogen source for a planted
> tank? I know about its dangers, but it seems to me that if you can set
> up a trickle (like an IV drip) that doesn't exceed your plants' and
> biological filter's appetite you have an exceedingly cheap source of
> nitrogen at your disposal. Of course KNO3 is pretty cheap and not a
> problem, but where's the fun in doing things the old-fashioned way? ;)
> It has been speculated that ammonium will encourage algae, but I'm not
> convinced that ammonium ions are a sufficient condition for algae
> outbreaks. I just wondered if there would be any material difference in
> the overall growth/health of the plants. I'm probably going to give it a
> go here in a little bit with a tank full of plants and no fish, but I
> wanted to see if anyone else had tried it.

Here I use  nitric acid (2%) quite nicely...


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