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Re: [APD] Random Musings on Ammonia Supplementation

On 10/11/06, Jerry Baker <jerry at bakerweb_biz> wrote:
> It has been speculated that ammonium will encourage algae, but I'm not
> convinced that ammonium ions are a sufficient condition for algae
> outbreaks. I just wondered if there would be any material difference in
> the overall growth/health of the plants. I'm probably going to give it a
> go here in a little bit with a tank full of plants and no fish, but I
> wanted to see if anyone else had tried it.

Haven't tried it but I'd be pretty surprised if you ended up with algae in
the tank.  Since you are talking about a fishless tank I'd go for it.  I'm
interested in hearing your results because this would be a good way to dose
a fishless nanotank such as the one I have in my office where I can't simply
and easily transfer some water from another tank.

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