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[APD] RE Adjusting water height

Hi everyone,
Sorry this reply is late. I tried to post on this when everyone else was, but my replies kept bouncing, and it took some time to sort it out. Here's my original reply:

Lower the height of the water in the tank 1/2" or so below the overflow openings and put a powerhead and a heater in the tank for circulation and heat. Wipe the inside of the overflow teeth clean and dry, then put a bead of silicone (black?) across the lower 1/8" of the teeth of your overflow. Let it cure, and you will effectively raise the water level in the tank by the height of the silicone you place in the bottom of the overflow slots. Simple, and you can remove the silicone in the future if you want and it doesn't affect the function of any of your current standpipes.
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