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Re: [APD] Focus

I am one of those who tends to say "why would your waste your   
money........", but I don't say that to annoy anyone.  This is an  
expensive hobby if  you try to do the high light intensity way of  
growing aquatic plants.  Fortunately, there are some ways to make it  
less expensive, and some of those ways actually give you better  
results.  A good example is AH Supply light kits, which are semi DIY  
- you do have to assemble them in a hood.  But, those lights are much  
more effective than most commercially available lights priced  
anywhere near the AHS kits.
Another example is fertilizers:  Greg Watson has taken on the job of  
making inexpensive fertilizers available to us at a price that is  
way, way below that of commercial products, and the fertilizers are  
at least as good as commercial fertilizers.  No DIY involved.
Still another example is CO2 reactors, for which there are a few easy  
to make, using standard hardware store items, very effective  
devices.  These are DIY, but few tools are needed, and hardly any  
mechanical skill is needed.  The savings are substantial.
I don't care at all if no one wants to use these money saving  
options.  But, someone with only a few dollars left to spend on  
plants, substrate, and fish surely appreciates knowing that there are  
options that will allow them to enjoy the hobby as much as we do.  I  
do know that I have greatly appreciated hearing about these options,  
and wouldn't be in this hobby without using all of the above options.
So, I hope people will accept it when we get too enthusiastic about  
our recommendations for how to save money.  We do mean well.

Vaughn H.

On Sep 22, 2006, at 2:07 PM, Mark R wrote:

> This mailing list is dominated by brow-beating DIYers, has been for  
> a long
> time. Still, their advice is almost always very good. I only wish  
> one could
> discuss commercial products without the inevitable "What?? Why  
> would you
> waste your money when you can build/mix your own?" though even that  
> question
> is really just good advice dressed to annoy.
> Mark.

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