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Re: [APD] Focus

Vaughn Hopkins wrote:
> I am one of those who tends to say "why would your waste your   
> money........", but I don't say that to annoy anyone.  This is an  
> expensive hobby if  you try to do the high light intensity way of  
> growing aquatic plants.  Fortunately, there are some ways to make it  
> less expensive, and some of those ways actually give you better  
> results.

Another one you forgot to mention: a large wet/dry filter costs over 
$300 in these parts. A 20-gallon long tank and a three-drawer Rubbermaid 
storage unit cost $45 total.

One of the very first things I learned with my very first fish tank was 
that there was obscene markup on nearly everything in the hobby and that 
you could find the same, or better, elsewhere for much less.

Jerry Baker
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