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[APD] chicken nuggest for sex.

Aquaholic posted:
 My husband just told me something rather alarming:

Darryl, my husband's best friend (from university) told him something rather
odd this afternoon ...
Darryl's wife wanted Chicken McNuggets one late night, and he said he'd
drive her to McDonald's in exchange for sex.
So, they had sex ... and off to McD's they went.

Side note: Darryl's wife is about 60lbs over weight.
I'm not scared to use names, as i know she wouldn't be caught dead in a
community like this one.

I am stunned.
Who the heck uses fast food as a reward for sex with a partner?

Your thoughts?

Jendini posted:
 Ooo, that's not good. Selling sex in any way makes it not mutual. If it's
being paid for, then I assume it's "one-way" sex, right? The wife will soon
feel like sex with her husband is a job instead of a joy. Then where will
they be?

Maybe their little McDonald's run was just a lark, but for any kind of long
term arrangement, the list of problems created by that is long. I won't even
get into what it does to the relationship-of-equals that a good marriage is
supposed to have.


Zinj posted:
 I'm surprised some people are taking this seriously. It strikes me as a
clear case of "this seems like a good enough reason to get it on."

Bless 'em

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