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Re: [APD] chicken nuggest for sex.

I wonder how many husbands are going to bring home some mc nuggets after the
word gets out.   lol


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> Aquaholic posted:
>  My husband just told me something rather alarming:
> Darryl, my husband's best friend (from university) told him something
> odd this afternoon ...
> Darryl's wife wanted Chicken McNuggets one late night, and he said he'd
> drive her to McDonald's in exchange for sex.
> So, they had sex ... and off to McD's they went.
> Side note: Darryl's wife is about 60lbs over weight.
> I'm not scared to use names, as i know she wouldn't be caught dead in a
> community like this one.
> I am stunned.
> Who the heck uses fast food as a reward for sex with a partner?
> Your thoughts?

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