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Re: [APD] Root tabs and Rogain

I have wondered about rice plants as aquatic plants too, but I  
realize that that plant will grow emersed, probably in spite of  
anything I could do.  And, what would I do with the crop???

Vaughn H.

On Aug 1, 2006, at 10:58 AM, The Dragon Hunter wrote:

> Rogain and Viagra for yer plants.  Make them grown tall and stiff.   
> Makes
> your fish hairy and happy too!  lmao
> Ok, now that I'm having a hard time typing after that, this does  
> raise an
> interesting question for me.  Has anyone tried using rice as an  
> aquarium
> plant?  After reading Tom's responce, sounded like it might be an
> interesting plant if it would work.
> -Steve

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