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Re: [APD] Root tabs and Rogain

Rogain and Viagra for yer plants.  Make them grown tall and stiff.  Makes 
your fish hairy and happy too!  lmao

Ok, now that I'm having a hard time typing after that, this does raise an 
interesting question for me.  Has anyone tried using rice as an aquarium 
plant?  After reading Tom's responce, sounded like it might be an 
interesting plant if it would work.


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Subject: [APD] Root tabs and Rogain

> Robert said:
>>This comes
>>down to exactly what I was saying. Very simply. Fettilizer
>>tablets work.
> For the record, I never disagreed nor have stated they do not.
> I've also said the same about Mud cubes, I think it's a neat
> little idea anyone can do for cheap.
> Most would have to agree.
> And I did start the conversation out to help the person with a
> simple solution to their issue.
> If they work miracles as you seem to suggest, why not have jobes
> and plain sand? Why would those plant tabs you personally sell
> be any better? Have you done any test with a  control using
> Jobes or plain sand?
> Why doesn't everyone do that? Why bother with flourite? ADA?
> Dupla? Why bother with water column ferts at all?
> Why doesn't eveyone use osmocoat and plain sand, folks did do
> that some years ago...... how many green water blooms do newbies
> see and we have seen over the years due to jobes?
> You know, those tablets and sticks "that work"? They work well
> for making algae also.
> Why not use only sand and soil?
> Why doesn't Amano do that?
> Many Dutch tanks did this years ago long before.....
>>is not brain surgery. You can debate until your fingers turn
>>blue what
>>delivery method of nutrients to plants is the most effective
>>and most
>>beneficial under whatever circumstances,
> Ummm, that's what argicultural scientist do. Food is a 28
> Billion dollar business in CA alone. Rice is an aquatic plant
> and feed more people on the planet than any other grain crop.
> While some are blind to some broader applications, others are
> not.
> It's one thing to make one mistake, then learn... but repeatedly
> making the same one over and over is just plain sad.
> but it does not >change the fact
>>that substrate fertilization works, and does not present any
>>problems for a
> Nor does it solve every issue for a newbie either.......
> How will a root tab make their Riccia grow or how will a root
> tab cure their BBA, BGA, GS or a host of other much more common
> issues?
> There's the rub.
> How does a newb or an advanced aquarist test nutrient uptake
> using this method? Thus making it difficult to learn more about
> the processes in planted tanks?
> EI is far from complicated/costly, add 3-4 things that are
> 50cents lb 2-3x a week, do a 50% water change. CO2 is all that's
> left.
> That's pretty much it.
> That's not rocket science either.
> It works, better than a root tab alone will.
> Folks can see this and many have observed it.
>> The world will not end, fish will not die, plants will not
>>die, and
>>you may not even get overgrown with algae. To infer, suggest,
>>otherwise is ridiculous.
> I'm not sure why you say this because I have not:)
>> So if you still have enough energy after all your
>>bloviating to hit me with your metaphoric mullet, (you still
>>growing a
>>mullet Tom?) then go right ahead.
> Robert, you have to pick on *my hair* to make your argument?
> Unlike you, I have __all my hair__:-)
> But there's a solution: a little Rogain in the root tabs. Your
> new hairgrass growth might cure that patterned balding in the
> middle top portion of your tank.
> Regards,
> Tom Barr
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