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[APD] Growing tall and stiff

Hi All,

I grow two kinds of rice.  Currently both are in 5 gallon plastic buckets and they have been growing and fruiting for 6 years.  Both of these grow with 6"-10" of water over their crowns, and reach 2'-3' tall.  They require lots of direct sun or bright light similar in quality and quantity to lotus and water lilies.  Fertilization is usually substrate when planting, and water column afterwards.  I've kept mine to their short height by not fertilizing at either stage.  Otherwise they would grow almost 6' tall, a little high for most aquaria.  

Most rices are annuals, but mine are perennial.   There must be thousands of varieties of rice growing world wide, both dry land and aquatic and a search for a short strain would be interesting.  As an aside, they are grasses in the bamboo complex.

Gary in Hilo, HI
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