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Re: [APD] holes in new sword leaves

Try adding a little more potassium -- e.g., potassium sulfate -- and see if that helps.

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Subject: [APD] holes in new sword leaves

Hi Everyone,

In this new tank I have a problem I have never seen before -- new sword
leaves are growing in with holes in them.  These are not from fish eating
the leaves, and there are only a few MTS so it isn't snails.  I suspect it
is some kind of deficiency, but I am stumped because the new leaves are
perfectly fine except for the holes.  Color is correct, they *seem* thick
enough although I haven't gotten out calipers and measured or anything.
This sword owned its own 18 gallon tank -- it is very large, was in a
moderately lit tank with no CO2, no nutrients other than fish food.

Another thing that I've noticed is pale growth on some Cabomba.  Everything
else seems fine including blyxa aubertii and blyxa japonica which are
growing at a slow but not stellar rate.

After today's water change I added some CSM+B which I ordinarily do not use
(along with some Flourish Iron that I normally do not use) just in case
trace or Fe (or the lack thereof) is the problem.  It's a CO2 injected tank
with moderately hard water and moderately high alkalinity.  Light is 2.2 wpg
power compact fluorescents.  Substrate is Eco-Complete with a layer of peat
moss underneath.  Dosing with KNO3 and KH2PO4.
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