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Re: [APD] Tank Lighting

Full spectrum or triphosphor bulbs will usually have more blue and red output relative to conventional fluorescents which are strong in the green range. Nonetheless, plants and fish do well with conventional bulbs, too.  With a relatively high amount of green light, the plants don't have quite as much usable light-- so where, 2 watts per gallon of a triphosphor might yield as much usable light for plants as as 2.25 watts per gallon from a conventional fluorescent bulb. But in all cases we're talking about variations on "white" light bulbs, so the diffs are not drastic. You can pick you bulbs based on what looks good. Your plants and fish won't really care very much. 
Some coral reef life forms grow naturally in water that is much heavier in the blue range of the spectrum because the ten or 15 feet of seawater filers out a significant amount of the longer wavelengths. You are not likely to have an aquarium that's, say, ten or fifteen feet deep. So, actinics are a good addition for reef tanks. Otherwise, they are kind of weird looking.
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I'm looking for information on the Spectrum / bulb temp desired for:

1. Plant only
2. Fish Only
3. Plant and fish

The reason I'm asking is that I have a 30 gallon tank, fish and plant.
The tank is 18 inches deep

I have T-5 double bulb strip light with 1 6700K and 1 Full-Spectrum. Plants
seem to do well; but fish / tank seems dim to the eye.

The other T-5 double bulb strip light has 1 10,000K and 1 True Actinic 03
Blue bulb. Fish and tank are bright and well lighted; but the plants do
poorly. They die as fast as I can put them in the tank

Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated
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